My philosophy of playwriting is that if you want to write plays, you should write plays. If you feel that compulsion, follow it. Don't let anyone dissuade you from doing it. I mean, you still have to take care of your kids, give your significant other time, do your job that pays your bills. All of those things are important, too. If you want to write, just flipping do it already.

What about getting productions? Well, I am going to tell you something that you need to know. Validation does not necessarily come from getting productions. There are so many reasons that plays are chosen and so many reasons that plays aren't chosen by theatres for productions. There are over 6,000 members of The Dramatists Guild. Yes, that many people writing plays. Divide that by 50 states . . . Of course, all those writers are not evenly distributed across all 50 states; however, that is an easy way to wrap your head around that number of playwrights. And, those are just the ones who belong to The Dramatists Guild . . . So, yeah, there are even more writers out there than that. And there are quite a few less production opportunities than there are playwrights . . .

So, what is the solution? Produce your own work. Start an indieGoGo, Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign and raise the money to do your own work (I'm not advocating one of those fundraising sites over the other--do your own research and decide which is best for you.). Or, if going it alone is too daunting for you, find a few other playwrights in your area and follow the 13P model or that of The Welders. Find a way to do it yourself. Most people fail at their "dream job" because they don't do the required career development. You can't get anything to happen if you just sit around dreaming about it all day. Take advantage of opportunities when they arise and when they don't, create your own.