Full Length Plays

Appalachian Geisha

A middle-aged, Southern housewife becomes obsessed with the image of a Geisha on a box of tea and begins to make changes at home that frustrate her husband.

Workshop performance at City Arts Drama Center in Greensboro, NC in April 2012. Received a reading by Echo Theatre of Dallas, Texas, and the former New Mummer Group of NYC.

Courageous Paths

Written for The New Opportunity School of Berea, KY, adapted from the book by Jane Stephenson, this play has received productions by The Berea Community Theatre as well as Lees-McRae Summer Theatre.

Holidays in Gorilla Suits

Trying to move on after her husband's death, a young mother comically spends her holidays searching for just the right guy.

Sprung from Red Clay

Historical fiction about the women of a small Southern town from the earliest settlers to present day. Five story-lines intertwine as the women's stories unfold.

Ten Minute Plays

Museum 2013

In the future, how will our technology be perceived?


Addiction affects more than just the person battling the drugs. 2nd Place Winner in the AWA Josefina Niggli Playwriting Award.


Overwhelming amounts of paper in 10 minutes.


What happens when your acts of aggression in childhood, haunt you as an adult? Appears in volume 78 of The Louisville Review.

Soap Box

Written in the deadpan comedic style of Bob Newhart, what happens when you get your turn to speak your mind? 3rd Place Winner in the AWA Josefina Niggli Playwriting Award.

Swipe Right

Dating in the 21st century has its challenges--and rewards . . .

One-Act Plays

Santa Lost His GPS

What happens when Santa loses his GPS? How will the presents get delivered in time? Written for elementary & middle school performers.

Postpartum Blue

Postpartum depression affects many families and often goes undiagnosed. Appears in volume 63 of The Louisville Review.