Kim is a Playwright

Kim writes plays. Kim enjoys writing plays. You should read some of Kim's plays . . . Or, better, yet, tell your local theatre that you want to see one of Kim's plays produced on their stage . . .

Kim's Story

Kim has a master's degree in theatre/directing. She also has another one in playwriting. And, her bachelor's degree is in technical theatre. Kim is also a mom. On some days, Kim is busy being loquacious and on other days, she can't string two words together properly.

Meet the Team

Kim has a team of people helping her get through life, do theatre, and generally better herself as a person. These people below are not those people; but are, rather, the people the web hosting company put in the template for the website. Kim's people are shy and don't want you to see them right now.


Random Woman

Is this what business women are supposed to look like these days?


Some White Dude

He has a smirk on his face . . . why?


Random Guy

Someone that Kim doesn't know.

Next Steps...

Do you legitimately want to be on Kim's team of professionals who help her get her plays produced and/or published? Send an email!

(Option not available for stalkers.)