Strong Female Protagonists

Many of Kim's plays, particularly her full-length works, feature a strong female lead in her 30's to 50's.

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Historical Fiction

Writing about the history of women can be challenging when history books often leave out the stories of women. When writing plays about historical women, Kim has often had to be creative in her approach to the work by fictionalizing details and stories in order to fill in the blanks left behind in primary texts.

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Approaching difficult topics is often best done through the use of humor. Kim prefers using humor to tackle topics that might be otherwise difficult or taboo.

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Kim's Writing

Crafting words on a page in the form of play scripts began for Kim in 2001. Having grown up in the worlds of theatre and ballet, including studying theatre in college and graduate school, Kim decided to tackle the art form from the inception of an idea.

Four full-length and several short plays later, Kim is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America and has had her work published and produced.



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